Been thinking..

You see,

I’ve graduated not too long ago. I’ve been at home ever since; working on myself before I actually head out and grab myself a Job. Which of course is understandable. For someone who’s worked hard throughout the years with a ton of random events occurring, placing themselves as obstacles – the thought of it alone is actually quite a headache, so a break is needed. However, the one thing that bothers me a little…is… Why is it that most jobs are only willing to recruit those with ‘experience’ – (hear me out here before you go on a tangent) – Does it not become this never ending cycle?

Hypothetically speaking – if someone had no experience working in a specific setting, but contains the skills to pay the bills and then some, would they still be employable? That being said – you have no experience and you find a job that interests you, and they’re willing to recruit individuals with x years of experience; would you proceed into applying? Or turn away?

The idea of having no experience whilst willing to apply for a job that require experience can kill ones self-esteem…

Shouldn’t jobs recruit those with no experience? (And of course, as time pass by – one eventually gains experience)

(Of course this doesn’t apply to all jobs; and yes, I’m aware of other alternatives into applying for jobs such as internships etc. but this post is targeted at one specific thought…)

I’m up for an open conversation.

(I took a picture of this a couple of years back; seeing it as being my first post, I’ve decided to share something that has no relevance to this post. Enjoy)


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