Gift and Curse

A little something something

[Here is a preview of  a few bits and pieces I’ve created; part of my icon – or social insignia – Not quite sure yet, but only time will tell. I’ve always had a thing for simplistic designs; I believe simplicity can go a heck of a long way, depending on how you function it]

As a creative, I can’t help but stress on the idea of being a perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the element of it; wanting to work in a way until you’re completely satisfied, no matter how hard you work, you’re not done until you know you’re satisfied. However; God knows how time consuming that can be, how indecisive one can be in the process of creating. I’ve just spent a week (probably more than a week; so much to say that I can’t even put an accurate duration on the time spent) and a bit trying to design myself an icon…of myself… for my website which will most probably be used for various other sources. It took me a while. I’m satisfied. For now. However, I’ll be making amendments in the future. So let’s just say I am “temporarily satisfied”..

If that’s even a thing..



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