I’m back-

Hey yo, it’s been a while. Sorry about that, I was away; had quite a lot of issues to sort out. I was also abroad for a couple of days, visiting some family; unfortunately the husband of a family relative had passed away so my family and I had to fly across the ocean to comfort my extended family – as well as to attend to a funeral and church services. Unfortunately I was unable to take anything with me to resume my design/work flow. You could say that I’ve been on pause for a week and a few days. I’m now back and I’m hoping to work as hard as I can, hoping to be a lot more optimistic this time, and I’m also hoping I can provide a lot more work this time round.

Let’s get’em.


P.S- Still currently searching for Jobs, so again – this may seem of a contradiction, but if uploads and work are stagnant, apologies.


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