FLStudio Spectrum (Unfinished) Created by Isaac Agyeman

This page will contain various elements and pieces of audio of which I produced. But for now, as this section is currently under-construction, I’ll leave you with a few tracks; I’ll be updating this section every now and then, adding pieces as I go along, as well as making posts which will link yourself as well as others to this section so you all can have a (listen) browse through yourselves. I usually produce or at least work on music in my spare time; or to be exact; in the free time that I have – that I have nothing else to priorities as well as worry about. I’m a perfectionist and producing music alone is time consuming; producing any art is time consuming; music especially. Just take into account that the tracks/background music I’ve produced are indeed fan made; non profitable until told otherwise.

I vary in music themes and genres. I mainly work with Video Game Music or/as well as Background Music.

  • Bandai Namco
  • SEGA



鉄拳7: Final Resolve (Rage Arts)

About: You know, thinking about this track, there isn’t much for me to say about it actually. I would say that this was most probably my first TEKKEN 7 related concept BGM (which is of course fan made) – so all forms of inspiration were extracted from watching gameplay videos; acknowledging the graphics fidelity, the tempo of the game and the overall coat of the game in comparison to its previous projects were entirely different. TEKKEN 7 looks a lot more serious; it has more grunge in it in comparison to its previous projects – so I wanted to make something which was fitting. This track was primarily just a piece of experimentation – I didn’t think too much about it. I still see it as an unfinished piece of work because I will eventually work on it again in the near future. However, I love to implement choreographed elements in some of the tracks I work with – as in, parts of the track will suit a specific element of a game. For instance from 1:36 activating the Rage Arts at this point onwards just makes everything look a lot more epic than it originally is. The Rage Art’s in TEKKEN 7 has this introductory animation before the actual art is executed; this animation starts of slow whilst everything around the main player who activated the Rage Art is either in slow-mo or have halted to a complete standstill – as if 1:36 merged with the animation illustrates the build-up of what’s to come. 1:48 you’d hear a war cry. This was sampled from a video (will find the link) – but what I did was converted the video into an MP3 – Cut a specific section of the MP3 and converted that into a WAV file –

TEKKEN MOBILE | All Characters Rage Arts Showcase Compilation / Pre Launch [YELLOWMOTION]

I can’t stress this enough how professional Yellow’s presentation is. I was lucky enough (as well as truly honoured) to have a piece of my work infused with his project(s). Greatly appreciated; an individual with such great presentational/edit skills; having him feature me in his work, knowing he has over 10k subscribers is (believe it or not) quite touching.

If I am lucky enough to get a boost of recognition, I am safe and confident enough to say that it is due to those who have simply decided to check my work out, those who apply my tracks to whatever medium they feel necessary, and those who listen and download my tracks. So I truly am grateful. I’m not done just yet.

This video was edited and created by him, so please do check him out on social media websites. I’ll place the descriptions below.

Before I forget to mention; I produced the music that plays in the background of this video. It’s called ‘MACHINA MATRIX ‘ (build one)




Ridge Racer: Good Game! (Jingle)


Ridge Racer: Project Machina [Unfinished/Cancelled]


鉄拳: Hall Of Judgement (Aftermath 1.0)
TTT2: DEAD PROJECT (Cancelled/Unfinished bgm)

Cancelled/Unfinished track- not affiliated with the official soundtrack. This is fan made.
I’ve been browsing through my files and came across this. Can’t remember when, but a long time a go I really wanted to create my very own ‘Alternative’ Tekken Tag Tournament 2 soundtrack. Some tracks would be entirely different, some tracks would have some characteristics to the original. This track was influenced by Sanodg – Fallen Garden.

Its a cancelled BGM. It’s old and I can no-longer find my .flp to work with. Sorry.

鉄拳: Nociception – UNKNOWN – [Cancelled Track 2013]

Bad sound quality, I do apologise.
This track ‘was’ going be part of an Alternative TEKKEN sountrack I thought of producing a long time ago. But I’ve stopped working on the concept entirely. So I decided to upload this track the way it is – WITHOUT MAJOR EDITS –

Apologise in advance to those who’ve listened to it, and at some point felt disappointed that I will no-longer be working on this track.

The track was primarily inspired by
Sanodg (Nobuyoshi Sano) – Fallen Garden

TTT2: Alternative Soundtrack Demo (Cancelled Project)

鉄拳: Yun; Dusk after the Rain *Alt* (Demo) [EXTENDED]


鉄拳: Ready For The Tranquilizer (Demo) [EXTENDED]
鉄拳: Midnight Stance (Tokyo, Japan) [Version 1]
DragonBall Z Budokai HD Collection: Experimental Piece



Viewtiful Joe: Just GO FOR IT, JOE! (Concept JINGLE) [CAPCOM]


Viewtiful Joe – Mecha Alastor [CALM & PINCH]

PINCH AT 1:05 Mechanical Alastor doesn’t even exist… About 2 years ago I was listening to the Viewtiful Joe OST. I thought it would be pretty neat if Mechanical Alastor were to be a ‘Thing’ So I decided to produce my own interpretation of what ‘Mechanical’ would/could sound like. So the thought of a Mechanical Alastor pretty much brought this piece to life.

The Melody was inspired by Alastor’s Theme: ‘Blade Master’ —- The PINCH version was actually the very first version I produced (out of the two) a while back. It’s also my favourite version. Unfortunately I never really had the time to clean/edit it properly. To be frank, I can’t alter it right now, even if I wanted to. Apologies for the difference in quality, but there is not much I can do RIGHT NOW. Stay tuned.

[One off] Experimental Megaman Theme [CAPCOM]

About: Just a one-off experimental piece. I wanted to see if I could produce something in theme of Megaman; preferably Megaman X – something subtle, like a menu, or options, or a sound test theme. Nothing Major.



Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity | Sealed Ground (Darkest Depths / Discovery) 2015*

Cut scene BGM produced by yours truly.

Sealed Ground -Darkest Depths / Discovery- was primarily going to be a BGM Alternative for Gigan Rocks, but I spent some time meditating on the idea and purpose of this piece. Proceeding with a logical approach; would I have enough time to produce what I would like to produce with the time given? Realistically speaking, I really didn’t. Unfortunately; instead of making a fully-fledged stage BGM, I’ve resorted to producing a ‘Cut scene-moment’ BGM- something that illuminates suspense, tension, unawareness, discovery; Gigan Rocks. I personally do believe that I could have done a lot more with this piece. There is always a next time!

Sonic Riders: Entering Babylon Garden [Experimental]

About: I used to own the Nintendo Gamecube as well as Sonic Riders – I thought the soundtrack to this game was most interesting. However, throughout the entire game, this moment of which I’m about to present to you is by far my most favourite clip throughout the whole game – or rather, my most favourite Cutscene; simply because of the BGM that plays with it. Here is a link of which I found from youtube:

Sonic Riders ~ (PS2) ~ #14. Babylon’s Story [Part 6/7: FINAL BOSS Battle Vs. Babylon Guardian]

This video belongs to – Mister CSW – My experimental piece was influenced by the BGM that starts at 0:43. – (but what I do know is, this BGM is very much like a JINGLE version of one of the stages called ‘Digital Dimension‘ – so I’ll assume that this BGM is specifically made for this cutscene alone, and may not be downloadable) – I do hope to edit this again in the future.. or at least produce a track which isn’t an ‘experiment’ –



ゼルダ無双 – Hyrule Field Dry Mix [Experimental Preview]


Bayonetta 2 「Tomorrow Is Mine」(Instrumental Test) [PLATINUM GAMES]



Overwatch Animated Short-Short | Toy Soldier Theme (Audio) [Blizzard Entertainment]


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