Name’s Isaac, but I’m also known as K’ or even アイザック | K’ (I’ll get into the origin of these names pretty soon, actually)- I studied at University of The Arts London: London College of Communication, and I am glad to mention I am in fact a UAL Graduate. I’ve spent my time in LCC studying Graphic Media Design (GMD). Spent a year doing a Foundation Course after High School in LCC; slowly adapting, studying and getting used to the whole element of working in a studio environment, independently. After passing my year in Foundation, I levelled-up and decided to advance into BA Graphic Media Design by staying in LCC. I completed High School with a ‘Fine Art’ mentality; since young, I’ve always been and known to be the ‘Artist’, so the transition from the ‘Fine Art’ setting to a Graphic (Media) Design setting was quite uncomfortable. HOWEVER, that will not stop and stagger future thoughts and ideas on the idea of reverting back to a ‘Fine Artist’, or even rekindling the fine flame and merging it with my current design skills I’ve enhanced today. I believe that I’m an individual who is keen in visual communication, illustrative arts, branding Identity, abstract visuals, and much more within the realm of creativity. As a creative whose skilled in many areas, I *know* that I still have much to learn, regardless on receiving my degree.

I am quite the introvert, but I’ll make sure that it doesn’t become of an obstacle. lol, not like that matters, of course; but you know, “the more you know”-

I hope this site illustrates it more for you to understand what I mean, but I indeed classify myself as a Miscellaneous individual of skill and talent.


I game, I create, I experiment, I think, I sport, I do stuff…
  • I play a lot of basketball (well, I did play a lot of basketball..); back when I had some time for it, of course. I would love to revert back into playing basketball every so often, but as I’ve gotten older with a few responsibilities to take care of as well as a few burdens to carry, I’ve never really had the ‘free time’ to head out with a handful of friends and just play ball without having to worry or think too much about other things which need taking care of. In other words, I have things to prioritise.
  • I genuinely love Video Games. Seriously; I actually do play a lot of it – in fact, the majority of the things that I apply myself to; whether it be something creative or not, there will always be a hint of ‘Video Game Inspiration’. I’ve been gaming for many years now, back when my father brought home a SEGA MEGA DRIVE (it deserves to be in capital letters) with a handful of Sonic games. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage, Sonic 3 (or rather, a ‘Sonic and Knuckles’ cartridge that clips on as an extension, allowing you to attach other Sonic related cartridges on the roof of the cartridge which then makes Knuckles the Echidna a playable Character in whatever sonic game you’ve just merged the cartridge with)…anyway..
  • I also produce Music, self-taught and still learning new things; this skill is a little difficult to explain. Depending on how you view this hobby, of course. I am unable to read music. I’ve always been good at ‘Music’ since Primary School and Secondary School, but I’ve just never really focused on the idea of wanting to read music. I’ve always been interested in Art or any creative subject; I don’t think I took music seriously enough to follow through. I just love it entirely, simply because it’s another vessel that allows me to express myself as well as to be creative. However, I’m not sure if it’s laziness or just mentally being occupied with something else. So usually, when applying myself into producing music, I’d usually beat-box, hum or sing melodies to myself and either voice-note it on my phone or quickly dot it down on my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and then save it. I usually produce Video Game related BGM’s – or sounds that you’d usually hear in Video Games. It’s the style and composition. I use FLStudio. If you’d want to know more about that, it’ll be in my AUDIO+ page.

Artistically- I’m inspired by Hidekichi Shigemoto.

Musically– I’m heavily inspired by AJURIKA (Also known as遠山明孝 /Akitaka Tohyama).

I also take some level of inspiration from both Hiroshi Okubo and Nobuyoshi Sano. But as of now, the list of people I take some form of inspiration from has grown a little; still heavily inspired by AJURIKA, though.



Right. The origin of my name…


K < is actually the first letter of my middle name, but a few people that I consider to have a good relationship with ‘out of know where’ decided it would be a good idea to call me “K” – it actually came from my brother, then my aunt decided to tag along…, then a few aunties, uncles and cousins…, and now a few friends; now it’s just become a ‘thing’. Thought it was pretty cool, so I’ve decided to keep this name they’ve given me.

アイザック | K  < On the other hand; I was going through a phase in secondary school where I was teaching myself how to learn Japanese. ‘Isaac’ in Katakana is (アイザック) / (AIZAKKU) – the ‘K’ of course is already mentioned. In addition to that, I decided to carry this so called ‘stage’ name (?) with me to many parts of social media (…I actually don’t have a lot of social media accounts…), mainly due to the fact that I was getting some recognition from Japanese people across seas because of the work that I produce (and have produced). It’s stuck with me until I make some form of an official announcement, but I doubt that.

Miscellaneous creative.

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