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To be honest, creating this piece was indeed fun. Most definitely a challenge, though. The main reason as to why I say it was a challenge is that at the very early stages of producing this track, I really had no idea how to sculpt this piece. (Well, I already had a theme in mind. I just didn’t know how to come across it)-.After creating so many versions of this piece; I would usually merge them with different types of games of which I feel fitted the BGM in theme and tempo. Rhythm based games, fast action paced games, futuristic games, and even TEKKEN games.  (to be continued)

TEKKEN 7 | Cube Gardens (Geometric Planes)



Cube Gardens – Custom BGM Produced by yours truly. This track has a handful of influences/ideas. One of which is in fact AJURIKA (Akitaka Tohyama)- been a fan of him ever since; he’s my all-time favourite music producer, no kidding, and each and every time I create a music piece, I add a bit of AJURIKA to it. –of course having my own style.
Cube Gardens is a custom track/BGM I produced for GEOMETRIC PLANES.
Please enjoy!
And also, please go and search up AJURIKA/Akitaka Tohyama. His work is amazing.







I’m back-


I know. It’s been far too long. I would like to apologise on my absence. Many things have been popping up; many unexplained and unpredicted issues have been coming to light; presenting themselves as obstacles.

I am back. I needed a break for a while; from most things, actually. Unfortunately, I haven’t really created much (apart from my upcoming posts- I really haven’t had the time to sit and create. I’ve also spent the majority of my time away prioritising things that have no correlation to the Arts)

So- this post is pretty much a notification to inform you all that I’m back…and hopefully- “On it like Sonic”


I’m back-

Hey yo, it’s been a while. Sorry about that, I was away; had quite a lot of issues to sort out. I was also abroad for a couple of days, visiting some family; unfortunately the husband of a family relative had passed away so my family and I had to fly across the ocean to comfort my extended family – as well as to attend to a funeral and church services. Unfortunately I was unable to take anything with me to resume my design/work flow. You could say that I’ve been on pause for a week and a few days. I’m now back and I’m hoping to work as hard as I can, hoping to be a lot more optimistic this time, and I’m also hoping I can provide a lot more work this time round.

Let’s get’em.


P.S- Still currently searching for Jobs, so again – this may seem of a contradiction, but if uploads and work are stagnant, apologies.

Gift and Curse

A little something something

[Here is a preview of  a few bits and pieces I’ve created; part of my icon – or social insignia – Not quite sure yet, but only time will tell. I’ve always had a thing for simplistic designs; I believe simplicity can go a heck of a long way, depending on how you function it]

As a creative, I can’t help but stress on the idea of being a perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the element of it; wanting to work in a way until you’re completely satisfied, no matter how hard you work, you’re not done until you know you’re satisfied. However; God knows how time consuming that can be, how indecisive one can be in the process of creating. I’ve just spent a week (probably more than a week; so much to say that I can’t even put an accurate duration on the time spent) and a bit trying to design myself an icon…of myself… for my website which will most probably be used for various other sources. It took me a while. I’m satisfied. For now. However, I’ll be making amendments in the future. So let’s just say I am “temporarily satisfied”..

If that’s even a thing..


Been thinking..

You see,

I’ve graduated not too long ago. I’ve been at home ever since; working on myself before I actually head out and grab myself a Job. Which of course is understandable. For someone who’s worked hard throughout the years with a ton of random events occurring, placing themselves as obstacles – the thought of it alone is actually quite a headache, so a break is needed. However, the one thing that bothers me a little…is… Why is it that most jobs are only willing to recruit those with ‘experience’ – (hear me out here before you go on a tangent) – Does it not become this never ending cycle?

Hypothetically speaking – if someone had no experience working in a specific setting, but contains the skills to pay the bills and then some, would they still be employable? That being said – you have no experience and you find a job that interests you, and they’re willing to recruit individuals with x years of experience; would you proceed into applying? Or turn away?

The idea of having no experience whilst willing to apply for a job that require experience can kill ones self-esteem…

Shouldn’t jobs recruit those with no experience? (And of course, as time pass by – one eventually gains experience)

(Of course this doesn’t apply to all jobs; and yes, I’m aware of other alternatives into applying for jobs such as internships etc. but this post is targeted at one specific thought…)

I’m up for an open conversation.

(I took a picture of this a couple of years back; seeing it as being my first post, I’ve decided to share something that has no relevance to this post. Enjoy)