On this page I’ll be providing custom made mediums for you to download and use as you see fit. For example, I’ll be creating as well as providing custom made wallpapers for you to use for your desktop as well as your phone. However, I’ll only be providing (and previewing) a limited amount of free sources for now. However, in the future to come, I’ll be providing sources of which you’d have to pay to obtain – but as for now, as this site is still quite fresh in some areas, I can only welcome you all with freebies. In addition to that, I’ll also be presenting mock-ups of specific designs and mediums; what the initial purpose is and what the so called ‘design’ is/will-be primarily designed for.

For the meantime, I’ll be producing/developing and providing wallpapers of which you all can used and download for your LAPTOPS, DESKTOPS and MOBILE devices. But again, as stated previously, initial mock ups will be presented first for demoed purposes. Whether it be final design or concept, the initial source will be stated within caption.



U7 is a self-based project. Something that I’ve decided to work and generate solely based interest. The project alone consists of abstract and (or) minimal designs merged with a background which has a striking resemblance to many parts and areas of space; containing elements such as stars and nebula’s. All of which is primarily custom made with my very own style. However, again, one of the main elements that influenced me was in fact Video Games. (Not just video games, of course – but it was one of the main elements which drove this so called ‘project’ into what it is now and what it will be in the future, hopefully)

U7 (currently) is a project primarily fixated on wallpapers for both Desktop/Laptop’s and Mobile devices. (but once the two main objective are completed to a satisfactory standard, I’ll push U7 into different areas of personal interest)

I’ll be updating my site every so often –  this project will start off with 7 MOBILE/LOCK SCREEN wallpapers. I do not wish to upload all 7 as that maybe time consuming; I have other errands to take care of thus I will upload images that are completed.

UNIVERSE 7」 x Lock Screen Wallpapers (Mobile Devices)

Miscellaneous creative.

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