I assume that it’s only natural for your curiosity to tingle; wanting to take a look at what I’ve been up to in the first year of me being a University student. My first year of University was indeed my ‘Foundation’ year. But of course, bear in mind that this ‘First’ year of University (for myself) was literally right after finishing ‘High School/Secondary School’ – of course it applies to most of the students I was working with, but the other ratio of students had some form of experience with another institution akin to what we’re currently (at the time) about go through, so the thought of adjusting to a completely different setting and way of working really did take a while for it to settle. So as you advance to proceed from one project to another, you’d most probably see changes in style, maturity, the element of understanding the project, and vision.

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Foundation Project | Cabinets of Curiosities.

Project Macbook-01.jpg
Cabinets of Curiosities | Project Macbook illustration – by Isaac Agyeman
Icon diagram
“Consider the Cabinet of Curiosities as a ‘container’ of objects, phenomena, experiences, events etc..”

At the time of creating this project, there was a serious case of rioting across the UK. These riots were caused by an uproar of the event that occurred with a 29 year old who had been shot dead by police in Tottenham, North East London, England on 4 August 2011. The Metropolitan Police stated that officers were attempting to arrest Duggan on suspicion of planning an attack, and that he was in possession of a handgun. Duggan died from a gunshot wound to the chest. An angry public protest over the circumstances of Duggan’s death led to a riot in Tottenham which escalated into widespread riots, looting and arson in London and elsewhere.

During my research, I witnessed the change in intentions that these rioters had revealed. At first it was quite clear that their objectives was to protest, get a message across about the shocking turn of events that had occurred. However, as days went by, the idea of having a peaceful & meaningful protest had subsided; immediately the operation had advanced to sheer mindless, selfish acts of rioting. From protesting a message, to rioting; rioters had changed their motives entirely – they began to focus on materialistic sources. Some areas, the riots contained a different objective (to just cause havoc and smash houses)- Their idea of value/ what they value (the rioters).

“They stole EVERYTHING! Shelves stripped bare and shops ransacked as looters pillage London high streets.”

From groceries to clothes to electronics, high streets in Clapham, Hackney, Dalston, Peckham, Woolwich, Lewisham, Enfield, Walthamstow and, of course, Tottenham were ransacked. Initially targeting mobile phone shops and sportswear outlets, youths caught up in the thrill of criminality filled their arms with loot and fled into the night. (

This whole stir of unexpected events was the foundation of my project. We live in a day & age where ‘supposedly’ the most wanted electronical device(s)/system(s), or brand – for that matter, would be products produced by Apple. After noticing; not at all surprised, by the way – that none of the bookstores (or stores akin to a bookstore) had been touched, my intentions at the time was to create a MacBook; literally. A book that conceals a thought provoking message; a message that would make one question their deeds (the rioters); a  mental catalyst, if you will.

Chapter 1: Sexy Technology “Verses” Broken Monsters of Grace.

Foundation Project | A Horse with no name.

Exceed Vertical A1.jpg
Original concept by Alicia Simpson [Redesigned by Isaac Agyeman]

Reforming typo to illustrate a different meaning

A group project with Alicia Simpson. Images below are what Alicia and myself generated seperately/together for our group project. There is a mix of experimental pieces which were part of the progress.

PDF BELOW (a documentation that Alicia and I assembled)

“You are asked to create a piece of ‘Art’ typeface to expose the functions and nature of people’s minds; the various understandings of a simplistic visual context. In other words ~ the ‘Denotation’ and ‘Connotation’ of your created piece. You have various ways to execute your idea. However, your work must reference the element of ‘Subliminal messages’; is the message overt or covert, would this source that you’re creating make the unclear much clearer, etc. The finished outcome is up to you, of course, it can be executed in any form of a creative medium. Your outcome could be executed in ways.”

What we did – we took words, experimented with some typefaces (some fonts, rather) – and literally began to play around with the visuals. Alicia generated the word ‘EXCEED‘ ..(to be continued)

Foundation Project | Final Major Project.


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