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Introductory Piece, by Isaac Agyeman

With the social design project, I will not present too much. I may want to proceed with this project much further in the future.


To make a long description short, this project is based on the concept of FOLKLORE; FOLKLORE from a certain area. I decided to base my project on Wood Green; or rather, ‘Turnpike Lane’. Even though I do not live anywhere near Turnpike Lane, a lot of my friends and family members, and even people of the public would usually speak low on the area. One of the main reasons of why I’ve actually decided to proceed with idea is because I’ve been told and of course been hearing many rumours about the area since I was actually quite young, which is close to a decade. Ever since then; up until the time of creating the project, I’ve always heard negative things about the area… so I thought “you know what, let’s give this a shot. Let’s look into this…” – At the time, Turnpike Lane was…you would say “an area that I would frequently visit” – simply due to the fact that the area contains an outdoor basketball court which is where my friends and I would rendezvous for basketball sessions for hours on end. Of course the frequent visits and meet ups made it even more of a reason for me to proceed to the project than the mandatory reason for actually proceeding to this project.

It had become more of personal hunt than a hunt for the project itself.

Ten Commandments for Gilbert & George | project

Anamorphic Typography


Introductory Logo and Project Concept, by Isaac Agyeman
Mapping & Plans


IV. THOU SHALT REINVENT LIFE– “A long time ago we made a big distinction. Art about life, and not art about art: that was our biggest personal discovery. Art means discovering, reinventing life, not just a new shape or a new form. All is based on human beings, reinventing a way of living. We are all cultural entities. What you are today depends on what novels your grandmother and your great grandmother read or did not read, what music they were or were not listening to. The day we realised we were living sculptures, that was it. We gave ourselves to the viewer, instead of keeping ourselves as artists separated from the people. The moment we were on that table, singing, then, we were making a life gift.We managed to become at the same time the object and the artist: a speaking, living object. Normally the artist creates an object which is always dead; we became the living force. It was a commitment. Real art does not show or reflect life, but it can form our futures – a new world.”

Believe it or not, our brief consisted of 10 Commandments (not Biblical) – how each commandment was distributed to us was not chosen by choice; rather it was chosen by “fate“…apparently. Each commandment was written on a piece of paper and scrunched up into a little ball and placed within a black hat. The hat was passed around by our tutor (at the time), and we’d have to of course put our hands in the hat, blindly, and pick out a piece of paper. Like a lottery, if you will.

That is how my commandment was chosen.

The initial brief was to generate some form of design that represents the commandment ‘you’ve chosen’.

As mine was “Thou shalt reinvent life” – I would indeed search and base my project on a thing(s) or design(s) that revolve around the concept of reinventing itself.  It doesn’t have to be life per say. This project at the time was quite a struggle, I remember providing ideas to my tutor; having it always being looked upon or not acknowledged, not knowing whether the idea was ‘good enough’ – whether if it be feasible or not. Through vigorous and stressful research and experimentations, I decided that the concept of Anamorphic Typography would be a good representation for the commandment. It isn’t complicated; but rather simple and sophisticated. Life and time coexist, so does the element of reinvention. Things such as regeneration is technically an element of reinvention. The merge of TIME and REINVENT are two elements that coexist, thus the reasoning for why I merged them both in an anamorphic setting.

The Anatomy of Video Games



A year and a couple of months ago I was in my second year of University. My University had this programme of where students would have to go to two types of classes every week. Our first set of classes were studio based. So for instance, we would have to attend to our studio sessions every certain day of the weekday. As for the second class; this class prioritised our text heavy part of our course and projects. It was called ‘CTS’ – CTS being short for Contextual Studies. So, one of the classes I had chosen to be in was based (literally the title of the subject was) on the Anatomy of Video Games. A subject of where we talk about the types of games, what makes a good game, what is a game, what is the definition of a game in comparison to most so called ‘Games’. Literally most things you can think about which revolves around the whole entirety of Video Games; From gameplay elements to Narrative Elements, from for-fun elements to even competitive elements, etc.

There was a period where I was lucky enough to bump into a class mate who actually had the same interest in one of the video games that I had familiarised myself with and was looking forward to it being released for the Nintendo Wii U (which was indeed Super Smash Brothers. For the Wii U) – so we decided to join forces. At the time we had been told to generate an essay as well as a pecha-kucha styled presentation.

Believe it or not – the game that we were both looking forward too was going to be released a day after our deadline for presentation and essay. So that’s even more a motivation to get our work done, right?

WELL, wrong.

Fortunately I thought it would be great idea to go home and start working and animating the presentation, working with the content, the effects; basically everything that this presentation will consist of for it to even be a presentation.

To make a long story short, after completing the presentation (bear in mind that I of course had other projects to work with, and constructing this piece of presentation was very time consuming) – my so called ‘partner/Friend’ decided to not participate on the day of our presentation. However I was fortunate enough to find a friend who’d join me in doing the presentation simply because she had no one to work with – She goes by Anna.

So this video (is indeed the presentation exported in video format) has not be touched or edited since I’ve last worked on it.

Unfortunately I am unable to export the entire presentation into a video format – I am only able to export certain parts of the presentation. I’m not quite sure why? – but I’ll like to believe the reason behind this is that the presentation already contains 2 media files (videos) – so that could be the reason to why it won’t export?

[Super Smash Brothers. For Wii U] – CTS Presentation Directed and Designed by Isaac Agyeman (Part 1)
[Super Smash Brothers. For Wii U] – CTS Presentation Directed and Designed by Isaac Agyeman (Part 2)

But I do have an intention to make a better iteration of this piece. I’d like to recreate it from scratch.



Design by Nature / Urban Bio-hack | project


Exploring nature and its positive impact on the built environment and human wellbeing.

Introductory & Project Logo, by Isaac Agyeman

This was a collaborative project that my friends and I tackled: Cyril.A as Senior designerMei.W.W as Visual communicatorYharnna.D as Brand Coordinator – and myself as the ‘Creative Director’ of this project.

Leaflet (Arranged myself)

I wanted to make sure that design of the leaflet contained similar or some-what the same aesthetics as our business logo.

Report Card (arranged by Mei.W.W)

Weekly Journal (arranged by Yharnna.D)


Our group focus is ‘Decomposition’. Although the term Decomposition is quite vague, we’ve quite so done the unexpected. We’ve looked at the term of Decomposition from various angles as well as the meaning in various senses. So much to say that we’ve encountered many walls and breakthroughs that I feel we’ve altered the definition of
Decomposition and completely changed the expected.

Golden Solutions is our final outcome. We as a group gave birth to a business (organisation, rather) that helps and aid’s young individuals with their behaviour issues by phasing them out. How we managed to generate such an outcome was quite staggering. Our initial idea from the very beginning of our project had absolutely nothing to do with the idea of phasing out behaviour; nor was it anything business related. It was more of a physical and literal process that we were dealing with at the very start. However, in conjunction into the design; as our business is based on ‘Neutralizing’ & ‘Phasing out’ bad behaviour of children within primary schools, the particle and node like effects I implemented indicates the whole element (or routes) of progression. As you’ve noticed, there are particles of various sizes and colours. The colours and size are merged as one as they relate to the modes of progression a child may or may not endure. For example, the brighter the colour or bigger the node would indicate how much progress they’ve made within a specific area. The colour and design aesthetics are also implemented on other forms of documentation; they’re all one unit.

Miscellaneous creative.

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