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Universe 7 (Demo)

So…Here is another preview of a project that will be on drive real soon. I won’t say much, but I will let these images do the talking.

> https://iagyemandesigns.wordpress.com/customize/  <

(The overall backdrop of the mock up was downloaded on colorlib.com – tagged – Cloudcastlegroup.com)

More stuff to come soon (apologies on the absences, been quite busy)


Music of which I was listening to whilst working:


Amber Mornings


^ Click here to view more photography images.

Thankfully whilst working on my laptop, I managed to come across old photos that I’ve taken a while back – I can’t actually remember when? (But luckily enough I was actually able to place watermarks on the images of the date of when I took the images) – I remember waking up one morning – I decided to walk to Livingroom; take a look at the sky – most times I just like to stand by my window and just appreciate the view. This one time I was lucky enough to encounter such a view, and although these images maybe old… they’re most definitely (and currently) my most favourite pictures that I’ve taken. I’m not a photographer. However I do believe I have some talent in this area. I am a creative; there is much to myself that I alone need to figure out.

(This is the area that I live in – I took these images from my window; they’re in fact my images)

Nujabes – Waltz for Life Will Born