These tutorials are a free and non-profitable source created by myself. The background music played in these tutorials was indeed produced by Hiroyuki Sawano. The BGM is an extended version of the track called ‘Z10 Briefing’ from the video game – ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ – for the Nintendo Wii U. Everything within these presentations; everything that you see is all designed and manually put together using ONLY PowerPoint. The MAIN objective of these presentations is to teach and inform you as well as many people that PowerPoint can be used for more than what it’s solely created for; which is of course for presentational purposes.

This page will consists of:

  • Tutorials – (Primarily video tutorials)
  • PDF’s – (For those who much prefer a still version)
  • Examples & Samples 
  • Origin – (How and where this all came from)
  • Downloadable content(Thought it would be fun to create brushes from the references I created for these tutorials – just as a free gift for those who would like to experiment a little further using other platforms besides PowerPoint; or even for those who do not own any of the Microsoft Office programmes. The downloadable content will come as follows: Photoshop Brushes (16 bit) and Adobe illustrator EPS files.)

All of which revolve around the one entity that is this medium.


To be honest with you, I can’t quite remember the exact date of when I began generating design ideas through PowerPoint, but I do know that it’s be a while. It pretty much started when I was in high school studying; the GCSE era in my time, you could say. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to own a computer (Dell made, can’t quite remember the exact model, but it was definitely windows XP; I’m pretty sure Dell was quite popular back in the day, I’m not sure about now), but In my house hold, we weren’t connected to the internet, we weren’t exposed to the likes of broadband and cable boxes, so it made things such as browsing (or wanting to use the internet for general reasons) quite difficult, clearly. I was pretty much forced to do work with the limitations that were held upon me; using the instruments; whatever I had installed on my PC to create and design whatever needs be. Of course I was quite young, the element of curiosity would spike every now and then. I’m really unsure of what drove me to PowerPoint, but at one point I decided to thoroughly browse through PowerPoint’s properties simply out of boredom.

(bear in mind that boredom is a primary factor in this discovery)

I began to check through as well as go through what PowerPoint had to offer. Its ability to have the creator produce animations, its video edit/creating like properties, it’s ‘Save as’ properties, its ability to import media files as well as export them, and many other editing and creating abilities. It was as if PowerPoint had borrowed traits from various different creative software’s, but was not made priority, and thus making these traits either hidden or lacking creative options.  Through my findings, it came to me that PowerPoint can be used to create sources other than the sole purpose for what it was original design for. Which is presenting presentations. This may not be something new to most of you, but bear in mind this was something I had found out on my own many years ago. I began to test and use (as well as play around with) the various traits and options that PowerPoint had in stored. I completely neglected the original purpose; which was to create presentations, but instead, used it for a more practical and creative purpose. I found myself in ‘shapes’ and then began using each slide as a blank canvas. Both literally and figuratively.

If I’m not mistaken, during year 10/11; with the subjects that I was doing at the time were mostly creative based. Art, etc. There was one computer based subject that I was undertaking, it was called CiDA/DiDA. Both CiDA and Art were the only 2 subjects which fuelled my drive to use PowerPoint for a creative purpose; at the time, of course. I began to use it more and more, especially for CiDA. I wasn’t like most students, didn’t own an adobe suite. Programmes like these I could only access in school; so really, I technically had no choice but to use PowerPoint for my own benefit (which of course wasn’t a problem, I really did feel at one with PowerPoint. It seemed like I was the only student and person who actually knew how to use PowerPoint for a completely different practice).

There’s one thing piece to this past that I will never forget. My current teacher at the time questioned me, question the idea of using PowerPoint as a tool to create design. He question me as if it were an idea that would do much justice, as if I don’t know what I’m doing; and I can assure you, seeing that almost killed myself esteem – but I ignored it and pressed on, and as time flew by I began to generate greater looking designs (still hadn’t had the chance to obtain any adobe software). In the end, although many others question the ability, they didn’t disapprove.

I created an animated story using nothing but PowerPoint, Microsoft Paint, (Photoshop too, if I’m not mistaken), Windows Movie Maker and FLstudio. For nearly every school computer based design-related project or piece of work that was distributed to us, I would proceed to PowerPoint as my ‘Go to’ software for designs and creative sources.

 LEVEL 1 | Designing with Powerpoint – [iAgyeman_Designs]
Here is the LEVEL 1 PDF Version – READY FOR DOWNLOAD

Isaac Agyeman – Designing with Powerpoint LEVEL 1 (PDF Version)

– Description –

This video walks you through the basics (the foundation, rather) of how to apply designs from PowerPoint alone. I felt that using the Donut/Ring shape would be much more creative friendly for others to use (as well as those who aren’t familiar with the concept) . Seeing how that these shapes can be generated as well as sculpted too look as if they’re abstract vectors originally designed on a software such as PowerPoint or even Illustrator, I’m aware that the concept of it alone is quite bizarre; creating designs using a software that was primarily design to create PowerPoint presentations, but even bending the rules a little can place you in a realm that no one else would have known to exist; through the cause of experimentation and curiosity.

A design piece sampled from the tutorial. (Made in PowerPoint)

 LEVEL 2 | Designing with Powerpoint – [iAgyeman_Designs]
Here is the LEVEL 1 PDF Version – READY FOR DOWNLOAD

Isaac Agyeman – Designing with Powerpoint LEVEL 2 (PDF Version)

– Description –

This video is an extension of the first video; a refresher, if you will. A video to remind you what you’ve done in the previous video and how you’re able to proceed to further options within limitations that PowerPoint offers. This video will show you how much your designs can evolve by simply experimenting as well as improvising with the tools provided. It’s a bit of a stretch in comparison to the first video, but when watching both (if not already) – it’ll all make sense.

A design piece sampled from the tutorial. (Made in PowerPoint)


(Click on image > Download link will be in description)

Tutorial based brushes. All of the designed references you see in the tutorials above are taken straight from PowerPoint. I’ve refined a few and decided stylized many. They’re free to download and use for however you see fit. But please, do give credit; it’ll be largely appreciated in the long run. But for now, I hope you enjoy these brushes as I enjoyed making them. Use them, experiment with them, design with them – and get creative!


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