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The London College of Communication is a constituent college of the University of the Arts London, located in Elephant and Castle. Natalie Brett is Head of College. University of the Arts London:  is a world Top 5 university for art and design according to the QS World University Rankings® and Europe’s largest specialist university for art and design.

I was a student here for 4 years, encountering a sea of talent; people of various skill. Most of which that will put you in awe. Having to merge myself with others was indeed an interesting experience, both as a student and as a creative. I really did enjoy the switch from a ‘High school/Secondary School’ setting to a mature, independent-studio-like setting. I’m sure that most of you will agree that the differences of both institutions; levelling up from institution to another is somewhat satisfying. The idea of being independent.

How my work will be presented in these upcoming links; the formation of the presentation will appear as followed.



 – The image that’ll be placed above (or first) is usually or mainly the theme or outcome of the project. Maybe, or sometimes – Text will appear beneath what is above; usually a very tiny phrase or description of what you’ve just seen – Take into account that the main style of presentation is a harchical structure formation, so there is order.


Some more images for presentation; after that – I’ll usually present a horde of images with captions or descriptions if needed, like so:


After presenting the work, I’ll then place the “About” section beneath all that has been presented above; a full or short thorough description (if need be) based on the entirety of the project.


This didn’t take long as expected, I drafted a few images on Adobe illustrator to present examples of how I’d place formation on presenting my work for my website. I exported images as jpegs..and then I got back to drinking my tea.

Miscellaneous creative.

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