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Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been quite busy sorting things out with life…and other things that revolve around…life. Anyway, for those who actually do care about my creative outlet; I wanted to inform my followers that although I’m not actively producing music (or actively informing others about my current status), it’s only due to the fact that I really do have other things to prioritise at the moment, and if I were to focus on music and music alone… then I’ll be missing out on a lot of the important issues and plans that need ironing out.

So, because of that- I have uploaded a ‘teaser’ of one track that I will be uploading soon.


To be continued-

AUDIO+ (Music Page)


Lately it’s been a rough ride; been encountering a few external issues with people and such – but I’m glad to say that I am here to provide you with an update! On this very site, I have made a page of where you’d all be able to listen to pieces of audio that I have produced. I won’t write much here because I’ll just spoil the whole concept of this post, but do click this link; it’ll shoot you to my Audio+ page.




I’ll be updating that part of my site every now and then; very much like most linked pages on this site. There you’ll mostly find experimental pieces, unfinished pieces, and pieces you’ve never heard before. As you can see I’ve placed 2 links on this post. One of which is a page containing BGM’s alone, the other link contains BGM’s of which I have produced and have manged to actually use it as experimental practices. Such as, using it for what it was primarily created for; Background Music.

(A little disclaimer: every piece I have produced is not profitable and was/is clearly fan made as well as created and used for experimental purposes, thank you)

Ridge Racer: Good Game! (Jingle)